Latest 2015 Fabia details in

Added: 15 January 2015

Yet more 2015 Fabia details have homed into view as we kick off January looking forward to the launch! 

This new model revisits the design of the original first generation model, but with 30 mm removed from the height of the car and 90 mm added to its width. These dimensional changes not only give the new Fabia a greater level of stability, but offer more space for passengers with an extended wheelbase. The boot capacity is also higher, rising from 315 litres to 330 litres.

On the outside, the Fabia takes some of its styling from Skoda's Vision C concept car. The grille is chrome-framed and the bonnet is beautifully contoured, which gives an upmarket appearance, while its angled headlights and low-set foglights give it a bulked up look and feel.

The new Skoda Fabia is available with three different trim levels: the entry level S, the SE and the Elegance. The spec of each of these models varies, with the S including elements such as airbags, DAB and Bluetooth as standard; the SE adding front parking sensors, alloys and more; and the top of the range Elegance including cruise control, automatic air conditioning, larger alloys, a multi-functional steering wheel and more.

Under the bonnet, the third generation Fabia also offers a wide variety of different engine options to suit all needs. Buyers have the choice of a 1.0 litre petrol engine at either 59 bhp or 74 bhp, or the more powerful 1.2 TSI engine at either 89 bhp or 103 bhp. Diesel-wise, buyers can choose from two different 1.4 litre TDI options: one with an official measurement of 89 bhp, one at 103 bhp. Down the line, Skoda will also be offering a 1.4 TDI Greenline model, which is more efficient at 74 bhp. The only supermini currently cleaner than this is Toyota's Yaris Hybrid, with the Fabia enjoying 82 g/km of CO2 emissions and fuel economy of 91 mpg, compared with the 75 g/km measured in the Yaris alternative.

Skoda are offering the new Fabia with no fewer than 15 different body colour options and a variety of options for the wing mirrors, wheels and roof. Prices start at £10,600 for the S level variant, rising to upwards of £12,760 for the SE model. The top of the range Elegance starts from £13,610.