What Does “Ex-Demonstrator” Mean When Buying A Used Car?

Added: 27 February 2018

When searching for a new car, you will find ex-demo vehicles will have several advantages over used and new cars, as they are previous display models, making them nearly perfect in condition and lower in price.

To give you more information about ex-demonstrator cars, here are the things you need to know.

Perks Of Being An Ex

If you’re buying a used car, considering ex-demonstrator vehicles can be a much better choice! If you are in search for a newer car, but don’t want to pay the high price of a new car, then an ex-demo could be the ideal option for you. As these cars are display models and will have been driven by potential customers and dealer staff, there can be expected to be a few thousand miles on the cars clock. Whilst this makes the price discounted from a new condition model, it means that the car will have a longer life than other used cars.

The nature of ex-demonstrator cars means that the ex-demo car of your choice will be is best possible condition with no visible faults. So, not only will the engine run smoothly, without any of the niggles cars with a bit more of a history do, but it will also be less likely to have dents or scratches from wear and tear – simply because it won’t have much wear and tear!

For those drivers in search for the best model but have a lower budget, ex-demo cars are an excellent way to get the car of your dreams. Demonstrator cars tend to be higher spec vehicles, with the best features and systems available for a model. Due to their discounted price, the non-standard models make it more affordable to get a new car, for more of a used car price – so your budget goes further!

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The Next Best Thing

You will find that dealers usually sell their demonstrator cars when a newer model is due to be released. This means that you could find the price of an ex-demo will be reduced even more, the closer to a new release date it gets, so ensure you do your research into your desired model before you start looking.

Difference With Pre-Registered Cars

Ex-demonstrator cars are similar to Pre-registered cars, but ensure you don’t get considered! Pre-registered cars are vehicles that have been registered to a dealer but never driven by the member of the public, however, as they have been registered to an owner, they become used.

Unlike pre-reg cars, ex-demo cars may be older, will have covered more miles, and you won’t be the first legal owner. You should make note if on your used car search, you find an ex-demonstrator car with a considerable amount of miles, as although they should have clocked a few from transportation to dealers and test drives, an ex-demo car should be newer and be all-round in better condition than a normal used car.

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