Czech brand plan big upgrades for the Octavia in 2017

Added: 30 October 2015

Skoda have announced that their Octavia will benefit from a significant range of updates with a new edition in 2017 that will keep it in line with their latest updates to the manufacturers SUV range.

Already hugely popular, the Czech manufacturer’s marquee model will receive a significant facelift a few years ahead of a planned all-new plug-in hybrid option according to their chief designer Jozef Kaban.

The newest Octavia will see the introduction of a set of twin headlights, again in line with the four lamp adopted by Kaban on the Skoda’s latest SUV range.

The outer light will be square shaped and feature LED daytime running light underline while the inner light will continue the LED theme and cleverly integrate itself into the Superb-inspired grille.  

The light update theme continues to the rear where they still boast a C-shaped rear light but with a more modern styling whilst the rest of the exterior remains aesthetically similar to its predecessor.

There is, as of yet, no word on any technological advances in the new Octavia, although the manufacturer has indicated that the latest connectivity and technological features are high on their priority least.

Skoda have also indicated the Octavia will remain the only model to boast a vRS performance model whilst the rest of the range will benefit from Monte Carlo and Sportline models.
Keep your eyes peeled for any leaked images or news of the latest technology to be fitted in the newest Octavia expected on UK roads by 2017.