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Skoda Configures Plug-In Hybrids for Emergency Services

Added: 14 January 2021

Emergency services are continually finding methods to arrive at calls more quickly, more reliably, and to offer a great degree of care when arriving at a scene. For this, they invest in the best equipment, and perhaps the most important piece of equipment any emergency responder can rely on is their vehicle.

Changing norms in the automotive industry leaving emergency services with the desire for adapting to the times, and Skoda, with their new plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PEV's) are among many flagship models being used.

But what does this mean in practice? Let’s consider the models, specifications, and benefits the emergency fleets will be experiencing thanks to Skoda’s initiative.

Skoda’s Emergency PEV's & Additional Tuning

Emergency services will be driving plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in the form of the Octavia vRS iV, which uses both a 1.4 litre TSI engine alongside an electric motor running at 85kW. Not only that, but the easily-charged electric motor provides up to 39 miles of electric range.

It’s not just the Octavia VrS iV joining the force however, as prior vehicles operated by emergency services, such as the standard Octavia iV and Superb iV will be curated in emergency-spec, with the standard Octavia becoming enlisted up to 20bhp. This provides one emergency unit with the potential of driving up to 578 miles on a combined full tank and charge. This allows for impressive long-distance travel, yet also ensures vehicles can stay on the road for longer, essential for quick emergency response times.


The hybrid engine in the Octavia VRS iV also helps power the impressive infotainment system with a 10 inch display, and 360deg Matrix lights, and most importantly a 0-62mph ascent achieved in 7.3 seconds. For this reason, it is the ideal vehicle for both rapid response to immediate callouts as well as police pursuits.

Of course, Skoda have ensured all emergency service vehicles will be tuned to the highest standard, affording 360 lighting installations as well as full logistical and communicative integration with emergency service apparatus at large. Skoda have also made adjustments to boot room. These models offer both hatchback and estate variants, allowing for the services to prioritise speed and longevity or storage and carrying capacity.


Skoda’s adjustments are starkly noticeable, and extremely impressive. The benefits of the emergency services using these models include:

  • Reduced fuel emissions and cleaner fuel output, and longevity on the road. All of this is essential for vehicles that are operational for long hours each day.
  • Quicker, easier to handle, easier to maintain vehicles that provide long hours of charge and remain on the road for longer.
  • Updated touchscreen capacity in all vehicles, allowing quick logistical access for all emergency service responders.
  • Three distinct models offering a range of versatile options and further upgrades, from 485-litre storage capacity in the hatch and 510 litres in the estate vehicles.
  • Skoda’s longform dedication to supporting the emergency services by ensuring all vehicles are fitted to the highest standard.

As such, Skoda are truly helping our precious emergency services lead the way when it comes to rapid response and versatile driving needs. Skoda Hybrid and Skoda Electric models are proving to be the next word in sustainably-fuelled vehicle solutions.

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