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Skoda Karoq Concept Aimed at Cyclists

Added: 24 June 2019

Are you a cyclist, searching for the perfect vehicle for you? Well, at Heritage, we think we might have the answer. The latest Skoda Karoq concept, the ‘Skoda Karoq Velo’ has been designed specifically with cyclists in mind. You can see that based on the various features and customisations available. If you need a car but you also love your two wheels, it could be the ultimate choice.

What is The Karoq Velo?

It’s important to be aware that this is a concept car. It’s not available on the market as yet but there’s a possibility that it could be one day. Or, there might be something similar available for cyclists in the future. The Velo is based on the Skoda compact SUV but includes a lot of additional features designed to improve your cycling experience before and after your ride.

So, if you love going mountain biking at the weekend, then this is the type of vehicle that Skoda is presenting as the ultimate choice for you.

Why Was It Created?

The concept came about after a surveying 1500 cyclists. These keen bike riders were asked about the issues they faced when cycling and the downsides of using this type of transport. Skoda then set to work incorporating some great features that would solve the problems.

For instance, one of the issues pointed out by cyclists was coming back to wet and dirty clothes. Skoda solved this by including a washing machine and pressure washer as part of the design. This was fully integrated into the car rather than being an add-on or accessory.

Skoda Velo Key Features

One of the greatest features is two different options for storing your bike. You can store it on the roof or on a typical boot-mounted cycle rack. This allows you to store a total of three bikes which should be more than enough. The rear option will impact the bench seat at the back but four people will still fit in the car comfortably.

However, tech is where this car concept excels. If you were to drive this vehicle, you’d find it comes equipped with a full tool kit space. This means that you could solve all the technical issues with your bike from your vehicle.

It also comes with a drone that will follow you and a WiFi Hotspot. So, regardless of what tech you need, this car has you completely covered for a great bike ride.

Will It Be Sold?

Unfortunately, as mentioned, this particular car will not be put into production any time soon. However, it is being lent to cyclists through the summer to give them the assistance that they might need. Due to the buzz behind the concept, there’s a good chance that at least some of the features will be available on future Skoda models but we’ll have to wait and see.

Are you interested in learning more about the current Skoda models available on the market right now? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide expert info or perhaps discuss some of the options currently available to order.

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