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Skoda Octavia to get mild-hybrid engine

Added: 14 October 2020

ŠKODA Octavia Mild Hybrid Charging

Hybrid cars are trendy, energy-efficient and now affordable. Skoda has finally created and is selling its first-ever mild-hybrid powertrain engine. The SE First Edition and the fleet-focused SE Technology trims come equipped with a belt-integrated starter generator. This generator can help recover energy during braking and can even give energy to its 48-volt battery, powering things like the power steering for extended coasting. These are also three-cylinder engines and they are able to produce 108bhp. The new engines, called e-Tec comes with an automatic gearbox that can go seven speeds.

The mild-hybrid powertrains are put onto Skoda’s already existing 108bhp 1-litre TSI petrol engine, but you can expect to see this technology on their 148bhp 1.5-litre petrol engine coming very soon.

Along with a new and improved engine, you should also be on the lookout for other features that make the Skoda a better car. You can find an aluminum crankcase, a variable-vane turbocharger as well as ideally balanced connecting rods. Expect a maximum torque of 35 percent sooner than that of a conventional engine. The reason behind this is probably attributed to the fact that it operates on the Miller injection cycle.

The price point for these powertrains starts at £23,005 for the SE Technology, meanwhile, the fleet-focussed SE Technology is available for an insignificantly higher price point at £23,255. You could also get an Estate version, which tacks on an additional £1,000 on top of the aforementioned purchase price. Both trims went on the market on September 22, so you can make a purchase now.

Keep a lookout for any new updates from Octavia. They will make available to order their new plug-in hybrid powertrain that can produce up to 424bhp and will likely be a sporty vRS model. At this price point, it has become the most affordable electrical Octavia on the market, and rightfully so.

These cars are very energy-efficient, you do not have to worry about your carbon footprint and you get more gas mileage. All these factors make purchasing a Skoda Octavia worth it. Keep in the lookout for more hybrid versions that will trickle out over time. For now, you can enjoy the affordable Octavia e-Tec.

If you do not believe everything you read, see it for yourself. Take a trip to your local authorized official Skoda dealer, like Heritage Skoda situated in Gloucester, Yeovil, Bristol and Weston Super Mare, and take it on on a test drive. It is imperative that you get your Skoda from an authorized dealer as you want to make sure that they not only sell you a reliable Skoda but can also service it if there are any issues. Some dealerships even offer MOT testing. Those are the types of Skoda dealerships you want to purchase your Octavia from. They can provide you with the care you need, giving you the confidence to make the best decision for your wallet and your car needs. The new mild-hybrid engine Skoda Octavia can do both.

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