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Skoda Octavia Scout set for July launch

Added: 06 July 2020

ŠKODA Octavia Scout July 2020

This July, Skoda will be launching its new Octavia Scout model. The off-road inspired estate car will include an array of new rugged features for those that want to venture beyond the tarmac. While it may be a family car at heart, Skoda want to give owners the option of taking it on rural adventures.

Designed to be more capable off-road, the new Octavia Scout has had its entire chassis revised. Its ride height is now 15mm taller, and it has been fitted with new underbody protection panels. This helps to prevent it from damage over rough terrain.

What other new features does the new Skoda Octavia Scout have?

Several Scout badges have been added to the exterior, as well as some tough-looking black plastic body cladding on the car’s wheel arches, side skirts and doors. The front and rear bumpers have been modified in shape and there’s a fresh set of 18-inch alloy wheels. Silver roof rails and LED fog lamps are other notable features that come as standard.

The interior is largely modelled off fourth generation Octavia with a few small difference such as an aluminium pedal box, Scout branding on the seats and striking brown stitching. A 10 inch touchscreen infotainment system offers everything from GPS to music streaming.

What are the engine options?

Boyers of the new Skoda Octavia Scout will be able to choose from five engine options including three diesels and two petrols.

The 113bhp diesel option will use a turbocharged 2.0 litre four-cylinder unit and is available in front wheel drive.

The slightly more potent 148bhp diesel option also uses a turbocharged 2.0 litre four cylinder unit and is available in four wheel drive.

The powertrain 197bhp diesel option also uses a turbocharged 2.0 litre four cylinder unit and is similarly four wheel drive.

As for the petrol engines, the lesser powered option contains a 148bhp turbocharged four cylinder 1.5 litre unit and is available in front wheel drive.

The higher powered petrol option meanwhile contains a 187bhp turbocharged four cylinder 2.0 litre unit engine and is available in four wheel drive.

Why we’re excited about the new Skoda Octavia Scout…

The new Octavia Scout is a car that’s suitable to all types of lifestyle – you can take the kids to school in it and you can tackle Iceland’s F-roads with it. It’s an affordable and less chunky alternative to an SUV.

The range of engine options allows you to cater the Scout to your needs. A high powered diesel option could be ideal for road trippers and caravanners, while the low powered petrol option could be a reliable car for everyday local driving. 

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