Have You Seen The SKODA Vision X Concept?

Added: 26 March 2018

The Geneva Motor Show displayed the future of the car industry with innovative and fresh car models – SKODA were no exception.

The big release of the Skoda Vision X concept brought anticipation of what car lovers can expect to see from the future of the brand, with the highly creative concept of this compact crossover. Set to be released in 2019, the Vision X is due to be the third SUV in Skoda’s range, behind the Karoq and Kodiaq.

Vision X Geneva Motor Show

Internal Innovation

The Vision X has a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) hybrid electric powertrain to reflect the increasingly tighter CO2 emission regulations, with a 1.5 litre, 4 cylinder turbocharged engine to drive the front axle with 129bhp and 184lb ft of torque. This innovation means that not only is the design of this concept car innovative, but also flexible as although the Vision X is predominantly a front-wheel drive, but it also offers drivers the ability of using a four-wheel drive.

The engine of this hybrid is constantly supported by 2 electric motors; one to power the front axle, and one 27bhp to power the rear axle. So, if ever you run out of fuel, the electric motors will usefully get you to the nearest fuel station, where you can refill to get you back on the road, with the Vision X getting you from 0-62mph in 9.3 seconds. This concept car will mean that although the Vision X is quick and speedy, with a top speed of 125mph, it’s unique engine design is claimed to have a mere 89g/km CO2 output thanks to its 1.5kWh lithium-ion battery which recharged the electric motors whilst braking!

Skoda Vision X

A Vision For The Future

Every aspect of the Vision X’s concept engine has been planned and thought of to allow for a lighter car that allows drivers ultimate agility, extra storage, and extra weight. No matter the conditions you are met with, the Vision X will have a reserve petrol tank to ensure the car starts in cold weather, which will keep you driving for 400 miles!

This unique concept is said to commence Skoda’s efforts to bring four-wheel driving to smaller vehicles as the manufacturer hope to enter the Vision X into the A-segment car category. Therefore, this crossover concept will bring drivers in every lifestyle the opportunity to drive a four-wheel, small SUV, as the smaller size of the Vision X means that it is the perfect ‘urban’ compact crossover, not only for its green innovation under the bonnet, but also due to the stylish design above the bonnet.

Sharing similarity in grille design to its sister Skoda SUV's, the Vision X features stylish L-shaped tail lights making its daytime running lights and indicators add a classy and sophisticated look to the car. Inside this concept Skoda, you can expect to find the new design of all forthcoming Skoda models as a wide dashboard features a large touchscreen and an arm rest ‘wing’ to make touchscreen usage comfortable. It should be mentioned, the bold colour scheme of the model, at its unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show, adds an ultramodern and hi-tech zest to the interior of the car, as pristine finishes and bright accents suggest a new-age design of Skoda’s that we can expect to see more of in the coming years.

Skoda Vision X Interior

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