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ŠKODA Air Conditioning Service

Clear the way with an air con service from £79*

A blast of cold air may be the last thing you want when the temperature drops, but your ŠKODA’s air conditioning can become a handy de-humidifier when used with the heating system.

As well as de-fogging your windows and windscreen, it removes moisture from the air, helping to heat your car more efficiently. Plus, regular use and maintenance of your aircon reduces the risk of an expensive repair bill, and prevents the build-up of mould and bacteria.

To help you breathe easy all year round, our ŠKODA-trained technicians will thoroughly service your aircon system, covering everything from the component checks to changing the refrigerant and lubrication oil. It’ll make those frostier mornings a breeze!

You can now book an air conditioning service or refresh via our convenient online booking system or alternatively contact us on one by phone on the numbers above.


Aircon Service – from £79*

(£139 for vehicles model year 2017 and onwards)

When it comes to your vehicle, we want everything to be of the highest quality, and that includes the air you breathe.

That’s why our air conditioning service includes:

  • Checking the pollen filter and system for leaks
  • Decontamination to reduce bacteria and pollutants from your system
  • Function checks
  • Component checks
  • Changing refrigerant and lubrication oil

It’s a breeze… we cover everything that helps to maintain the efficiency of your ŠKODA’s air conditioning system.


Brake Fluid Change

At the same time we will take a look at your brakes and change your brake fluid. Don’t worry, it’s just something we recommend as part of your service routine as your brake fluid helps you stop efficiently plus it protects your whole braking system against corrosion.

Our ŠKODA Trained Technicians will:

  • Ensure everything is working (and stopping you) correctly
  • Replace your old fluid with one that’s ŠKODA approved. Approved fluid not only does the job properly, but can help increase both the efficiency and lifespan of your braking system

Now that’s something to stop and think about.

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*Excludes ŠKODAs from model year 2017 onwards. For ŠKODA models 3-10 years old, excluding V6 models. Fixed pricing is available to customers at Heritage ŠKODA. All prices are inclusive of parts, oil, labour and VAT. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and may be varied or withdrawn at any time.

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