Heritage ŠKODA Winter health check

Get a ŠKODA Winter health check for a cool £25

We all like to wrap up against the worst the winter can throw at us. But we don’t always give our cars quite as much protection.

With ice, snow, fog, high winds and heavy rain all probable in the coming months, you need to be confident that your ŠKODA is prepared. So why not book your ŠKODA in for a Winter health check today? It includes our essential 7-point winter inspection, a full condition report, plus, a FREE Winter health check gift, a ŠKODA thermo mug*.

*Available while stocks last.

Lights: We’ll check all lights are in working order to make sure you have the best possible visibility, critically important during winter’s dark days and nights.

Wiper blades: Severe weather puts increased demands on your blades so make sure they’re in good condition before winter begins.

Air conditioning: We’ll help you avoid a winter of condensation by ensuring your air-con is in good shape.

Battery: Winter puts extra strain on batteries, so we’ll check that yours is working well for winter.

Windscreen washer: We’ll make sure it’s working properly; check there’s plenty of fluid and top-up.

Brakes: Fast, responsive brakes are essential in winter. We’ll check your pads, discs and brake fluid so you can brake more effectively.

Tyres: We’ll check the condition of your tyres and give you any advice you might need about choosing winter tyres.

At Heritage Skoda, we want you to feel confident about the quality of service you'll receive - every time you visit us.

As part of our commitment we can offer you:

  • Manufacturer trained technicians undergoing continual reassessment
  • Latest diagnostic equipment
  • Free Visual Health Check (EVC)
  • We only use genuine manufacturer parts
  • Commitment to the Skoda service promise
  • Commitment to delivering first class service every time
  • Official Skoda stamp in your service book